Sunday, March 9, 2014

Easy Way to Make 10% - 20% Per Month

Many ways to make money online, like from forex trading, gold, index, blogging, affiliate and etc. But how if you only have a little time for online? The solution for this you can try UInvest, with the UInvest Company you can make earning about 10% - 20% every month.

Why you must choose the UInvest Company? UInvest is a liaison between business owners and investors as the owner of the funds. Founded in 2007, has more than 20 employees and offices in Ukraine and the USA. Up to this point has been processing more than $ 60 million in total assets and has more than 100,000 investors. UInvest aims to bring together between business owners and investors through profitable online media between the two sides. This innovative feature, making potential investors become shareholders in real estate business with a few clicks of the mouse. Investors can review the scope of the business, financial, interact with other investors, buying or selling stocks and take management decisions. All done online and in real time! So, if you only have a little time to online, it's good choice to start investing with UInvest.

UInvest handles not only the investment, however, investigate a strong business, professional, and profitable. Thus, the lower the risk substantially like you invest in a solid company. This is an advantage for investors and UInvest, because UInvest get 10 percent of the dividend of shares you earn every month. So, you can see how this is a win win solution for business owners, UInvest as intermediaries and investors.

UInvest Company registered in Ukraine

UInvest Company registered as a company in California, USA EIN is 45-2545679, the Entity Number is C3385516.

UInvest Company registered also as a member in the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce.


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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Make 17% Per Month from Brickyard Project

With Brickyard Project you can make earning about 17% per month. Here the details of this project

  • Status:
  • Location:
Ukraine, Poltavs'ka obl.
Business: Brickyard
Years in business: 2 years
Amount needed: $558,000
Earnings monthly: $96,500
Investment period: 3 years
Project started on: 08/05/2011

Property listings 
Factory facilities and other industrial area 1600 sq.m., private ownership.


Equipment list 
Crude primary processing and batching machinery, milling and mixing machinery, final processing machinery, squeezing machine, transport and ancillary equipment, drying and kilning facilities.

Construction industry plays an important role in economical development of any country. This brickyard is located in Poltava region having advantageous geographical location and very developed various industries. Construction materials industry is one of the most priority fields for investments in this region, and this ensures government assistance. Especially now, when national economics is about to grow, experts predict great demand on building materials within the next 5 years. Range of this brickyard’s products counts more than 20 types of high-technology facing, run-of-mine, and textured bricks. Ceramic brick is produced from environmental row crude – clay, without any stains or filling compounds. This ensures appropriate appearance and constructional characteristics of the brickwork for many decades. All products have been certified by the Ukraine National System of Quality Assessment, are regularly checked by an independent laboratory for radioactivity, and subject to the quality control by the brickyard own laboratory. The brickyard keeps prices on an affordable level providing with competitive products all regions of Ukraine. It can fill wholesale and small-scale orders for any types of bricks packed in pallets with thermal film, stretch film or polypropylene strip. Management of this brickyard has promising plan to make the brickyard a european giant with help of international investors.

Price per share - $930,00 

This share product has been sold out, you can buy share product to other investor

Price per share - $1,111.00
Monthly earnings - $160